Email Marketing

With the constant advancement in digital marketing, traditional email marketing platforms have become less effective. To succeed in today’s market, marketers need a digital marketing solution that’s rich in features and functionality, has integration capabilities to websites, analytical packages and CRM systems at an affordable cost. We work with our clients to build customer databases that can be used intelligently for email communication, and tailored to maximise ROI. Need us to take a look at your current email offering and make improvements? Give us a call, we would love to help!


Our full service email marketing includes:

  • Email Acquisition – Implementing proven strategies to grow your mailing list.
  • Email Template Designs – The creation of custom designed email templates for your messages.
  • Copy Creation – Content development for your email campaigns specific to that particular campaign goal. This includes creation of engaging, promotional campaigns as well as behaviorally-triggered messages.
  • Email Scheduling and Tracking – The set-up and scheduling of emails, as well as data collection of each mailing including opens, click-through rates, and bounces.