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User Testing – Website Usability Testing

You’ve got the design sorted, you’ve got the development done and now your website is ready to launch! Not quite. You need to make sure it’s actually usable by the people you’re trying to attract.

User testing is a great way to see exactly how user friendly your website is. It’s also a great way to analyse your current website before undergoing an overhaul. See what functions work, what just doesn’t make sense to the average user and find out what your potential clients truthfully think about your website. Over time, it’s easy to overlook, or simply miss, flaws and problems in a website’s or an app’s design. A fresh pair of eyes will pick out problems with your website or app before it goes to market.

User experience design can make or break your business. If people find your website too difficult to use, they will leave and find a competitor with a more user-friendly website. How can you figure out what your visitors like? User testing.

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What Are The Different Types Of User Testing?

  •  Impression Tests
  •  5 Second User Tests
  •  User Testing for Prototypes and Wire Frames
  •  Remote User Testing
  •  On-Site Moderated User Testing
  •  On-Site Unmoderated User Testing
  •  Scripted Usability Tests
  •  Tree Testing
  •  Usability Benchmark Testing
  •  Hallway Usability Testing

User Testing Services

  •  Usability Testing
  •  Expert UX Audits
  •  UX Research and Analysis
  •  Product Strategy
  •  Focus Groups

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